Lloyd Edwards

Senior Construction Limited recently completed construction of a family home (312 sq metres) for my son and his family of four. This included site development, retaining walls and fencing. I liaised closely with Boyd through all phases of the project, including negotiation of the building contract and all aspects of construction and completion.

Prior to awarding the contract we carefully evaluated contract proposals from three builders. Two of those builders were directly known to us and we had (and continue to have) high regard for their integrity and the quality of their work.   A professional adviser suggested inclusion of Senior Construction Limited on the list of proposers.

We decided to go with Senior Construction because we saw Boyd as a builder who exercises very strong project management, problem solving and organizational skills – which we considered would bring special advantage to our project. This has proven to be the case. We were attracted to Boyd’s obvious desire to “deliver” what the client wants (ie: to “please the client”, subject always to carrying out a quality job). In the event, Boyd has accommodated a number of changes, which he has carried out at moderate cost or without charge.
We also felt comfortable that Boyd works closely with a small group of long serving subcontractors. In the event, all subcontractors performed strongly and have been “keen to please”. We considered Boyd would be a very good person to work with on the major (and complex) project we were embarking on. That has certainly been the case. Despite the fact that Senior Construction Limited’s contract price was to the order of 2% more than another bidder we considered the advantages of awarding it the contract would more than compensate for the additional cost. We consider that has been the case.

My family is greatly thrilled with the quality house and surroundings Senior Construction Limited has delivered and it is our pleasure to record that fact.

Yours faithfully,
Lloyd Edwards


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